Hologram Preflight is a feature aimed at users with large deployments who need to test devices before they go out in the field as well as users who want to give their clients a smooth on-boarding experience. Instead of having to activate a device during testing, manufacturing, or before you ship it out Preflight allows you to use your SIM, as if it were active.

Hologram Preflight offers three options:

Perfect for smooth on-boarding experiences. This option gives your SIM an allowance of 1KB or 1 device originated SMS before it automatically activates to a pre-selected plan. Thus your end user needs to simply turn on the device for the first time and the SIM will automatically activate.

Test > Hibernate
Comes with 100KB of data or 10 device originated SMS messages perfect for testing devices during assembly. Once a SIM has used up its allowance it will simply go back to its regular pre-activated state until it goes through regular activation.

Test > Activate
A mix of the best of both worlds Test>Activate comes with 100KB of data or 10 device originated SMS messages like Test > Hibernate, but like Auto-Activate once this SIM uses up its allowance it will automatically activate to a predetermined planed.

For more information on Pre-Flight please reach out to sales@hologram.io 

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