Every cellular connected device has an IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number which is used to identify the hardware that is being connected to the network. This is very useful when it comes to mapping SIMs to specific devices and detecting when a SIM is being used in a new device given that we can always trace a Hologram SIM using the Dashboard and determine what device it's being used in by viewing session data as described in this guide

In this guide we build on top of the tools introduced in our IMEI tracking guide to develop a system that emails us when one of our SIMs is being used in a new device. 

1) Create a new Route by going to the Routes section of the Dashboard and hitting the + Create Route button

2) Give your route a name and select the topic you want to subscribe to. Here the two options we have are:
_IMEI_CHANGE_ which triggers with any device change
_IMEI_TAC_CHANGE_ which only triggers when a SIM is placed in a device with a different model of modem. For example this would trigger when a SIM is placed in a completely different device, but would not trigger when placed in a device which is the same make and model as the old one. 

You can read more about the different tags here.

3) Next you have to choose the route type. In this example we will use the email route, but you could use the SMS or Slack routes for notifications or one of the Webhook routes if you want to delivery the data directly into your own app.

4) Selecting email will transition the page to the email details section. Here simply fill out the Email Recipients section with the emails addresses you want to receive the email and the Subject that you want the email to have. The Email Message section will be pre-filled with <<decdata>>  which will deliver the full payload of the IMEI detection message. We recommend leaving that as is, but if you prefer to only get certain pieces of information you can by following the instructions here.

5) Hit the Add route button to finish your route

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