Modifying multiple SIMs at once is great for managing large fleets of devices. In this guide we walk through changing plans in bulk using the Hologram REST API. If this is your first time using a REST API or would like to learn more about Hologram's REST API we recommend going over this guide

1) To change plans in bulk we will first need to get a list of the linkids for the devices we want to modify. This can be done in several ways, but we recommend either exporting your devices' information as a CSV by clicking the EXPORT CSV  button at the bottom left hand side of your Dashboard's devices page.

Or by using the List Devices REST API call:


2) Once you have the list of linkids  for the SIMs you want to modify you will need to get the plan's information. You can do this with the following call:


This will return a list of all the plans you have access to. For our bulk plan change we'll need the id field and the zones  field which should be either global , USA, 1  , or 2 .

We now have everything we need!

3)  To change the plans we need to place the following REST API call


with the following body:

Body: {"linkids": [{LINKID_1},{LINKID_2},{LINKID_n}], "plan": {PLAN_ID}, "tier": "{PLAN_ZONE}", "orgid": {YOUR_ORGID}}

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