Cat-M1 and NB-IoT are next generation IoT specific networks that are currently being deployed internationally. Hologram will continue to develop this service as the network matures. For the most up to date information for your deployment plans please contact

At present, Hologram is fully deployed on the following networks:

Cat- M1 USA: Multiple Carriers

Cat-M1 International: Globally the Cat-M1 roaming scenario isn't fully standardized yet, so we are still in a holding pattern while our partner carriers get deployed. We are working closely with carriers to get a timeline. Our plan is that by the end of the year/early next year we will have major international carriers enabled.

NB-IoT USA: T-Mobile's NB-IoT network is restricted to beta access SIMs only. Please contact for more information.

NB International: Same as Cat-M1 International.

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