Hologram's network is composed of 550+networks worldwide which provides a great amount of network redundancy. This in turn ensures that if one network is having issues there are other networks that can be used as back up. In this guide we explore how to get a device to switch networks if we do not have AT command access.

If a device is able to connect to another network and pass data, then that indicates that the network/carrier side is healthy. If you have not successful passed data on the network then please see our guide to get connected.

Once you have connected if you observe the device not transition gracefully to other carriers, it is likely that the modem is not configured correctly or there may be an issue with the plan/FPLMN details.

Steps to try if you do NOT have AT command access:

  1. Verify that the device connection on the carrier it is on is healthy and passing data on the carrier that was selected.
  2. Verify the plan is NOT on our high bandwidth prepaid plan, these plans are on T-Mobile only and therefore your device will not be able to connect to other carriers. You can do this by selecting the "Plan and Configuration" setting on your device in the Dashboard.
  3. Do a hard reset on the device. Typically a power reset cycle event forces the modem to rescan and can help it connect to the best tower available.
  4. Inspect the data usage and report of all PDP contexts to review the carrier selection. Specifically if the device shows any historical activity connecting to another carrier then it is likely setup to roam correctly and it may just been that the current carrier has the best signal quality.
  5. In extreme cases the modem can write to the forbidden network list (FPLMN) which is a file on the SIM card that contains carriers the modem will skip and not try to connect to. This is usually the case when the modem was denied access (e.g. T-Mobile only plan or network congestion). This file is localized to the SIM, so swapping the existing SIM with a fresh SIM should guarantee that the list is empty (it is empty by default on Hologram SIMs).
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