To send a SMS to your device via our API with a post operation to the following endpoint:

With body: {"deviceid": <device ID>,"body" : "Message"}

Where Device ID is the unique device identifier of the device you would like to message.

This will send a SMS from Hologram to your device with a +44 number, your device can reply back to this and the response appears in the logs.

You can read these reply's by pulling the log history:<Device ID>

{ "success": true, "limit": 25, "size": 1, "data": [ { "id": 769770, "logged": "2018-06-19 19:39:08.407233", "orgid": 0024, "deviceid": 1502, "record_id": "6eac80-73f8-11e8-a662-0242ac0002", "device_metadata": "{}", "data": "{\"received\": \"2018-06-19T19:39:07+00:00\", \"authtype\": \"deviceid\", \"tags\": [\"_TAG_1245_\", \"_DEVICE_1502_\", \"_SMS_DO_\"], \"device_name\": \"PSM Tester\", \"source\": 1502, \"record_id\": \"6eac80-73f8-11e8-a662-0242ac0002\", \"data\": \"UmVwbHk=\", \"device_id\": 160502}", "matched_rules": [ { "ruleid": 2655, "error": true, "result_data": "Server sent HTTP status code 405 with body: append .json to your request URI to use the REST API." } ], "tags": [ "_SMS_DO_", "_DEVICE_1502_", "_TAG_1245_" ] } ] }

Note that the "data": "UmVwbHk=" is the Base64 encoded form of the SMS reply from your device, and will need to be decoded, for example this string decodes as follows:

"UmVwbHk=\" -> "Reply"

There is more documentation for expanding the csr query here:

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