To get started with your Nova you will first need to activate its SIM card.

Inserting the SIM

The Nova takes the smallest SIM size cutout (nano SIM).

Once popped out of the full-sized card, insert the SIM into the slot on the bottom of the Nova board, as pictured below:

Connecting the Antenna

The Nova comes with two antennas. The smaller one for uses where space is a constraint and the larger one for best reception.

To attach the antenna, firmly press down the gold UFL connector on top of the corresponding UFL port at the back of the Nova board. You should feel it snap on and feel fairly secure.

Installing the Hologram CLI

The Hologram Command Line Interface (CLI) and Python SDK are easily downloadable via curl from your Linux terminal:

curl -L | bash 

To update to the latest version:

curl -L | bash

Once installed, you can immediately send data to the Hologram Data Engine:

sudo hologram send "Hello World"

Next steps

Now that your Nova is connected, we recommend checking out our CLI and SDK guide.

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