This guide will walk you through setting up the R404 Nova.
Once you plug the device into a Linux machine, you will probably need to enumerate it. The R404 has a Qualcomm chipset which can have inconsistent enumeration. To manually enumerate the Nova use the following commands:

sudo modprobe option
lsmod | grep option 

You should get the following response:
option 32845 0
usb_wwan 9483 1 option
usbserial 29943 2 option,usb_wwan

Next enter
sudo sh -c 'echo -n 05c6 90b2 > /sys/bus/usb-serial/drivers/option1/new_id'

ls /dev/ttyUSB* 

This should result in you getting the following message:
/dev/ttyUSB0   /dev/ttyUSB2   /dev/ttyUSB3

 If your LEDs are working you can skip the following three commands
screen /dev/ttyUSB2

Exit the screen session using 'Control+a' followed by 'Shift+k' and finally hitting 'y'

You should now be able to use our Hologram SDK and CLI.

curl -L | bash
sudo hologram network connect

Alternatively you can also open up a terminal to the new COM ports and type in AT commands directly.

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