In order to troubleshoot your Nova we recommend following these steps:

For instructions on sending AT Commands to your Nova please visit this .

  1. Confirm that your SIM is active on the Hologram Dashboard. Paused or Inactive SIMs will not connect to the Web.
  2. Confirm that your SIM is correctly placed inside your Nova. Make sure the notch on your SIM matches the location of the notch on the print.
  3. Confirm that your device is receiving power by plugging it into your device. The power LED should turn on.
  4. Make sure you are running the latest version of our SDK. To install run: curl -L | bashto update: curl -L | bash
  5. Open a serial communication channel. If you are unsure how to follow this guide.
  6. Run the AT command to confirm communication with the modem.
  7. Run the AT+CCID command to confirm communication with the SIM.
  8. Run the AT+CSQ command to confirm the modem is getting signal.
  9. Run the AT+CFUN? command to confirm the modem's mode.
  10. Run the AT+COPS? command to confirm the carrier you are connected to.

For a full troubleshooting script please visit this page.

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