I'm getting a Webhook connection error

This error usually happens when there is a malformed url in your webhook app configuration. The destination url needs to include the protocol.

Common fixes: Change anything.com to https://www.anything.com.

I'm getting an Error decoding JSON message

Error decoding JSON for variable 'decdata.foobar'

This occurs when you have used the route template variable <<decdata.foobar>> and tried to access a JSON element that either didn’t exist or was malformed.

Common fixes: Double check that the message data payload is properly formatted with valid JSON. Common formatting issues are uses of single quotes and the inclusion of numbers. If in doubt, use a JSON validator.

I am getting a Socket error: timed out message. What does this mean?

Socket error: timed out messages are the result of a failure to establish a connection. These are usually associated to devices being offline or not having the correct connection setup (Host or Port).

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