Transmission speed of cellular transmissions varies based on multiple factors ranging from tower congestion to tower density, carrier and even the weather. Therefore, its hard to give one specific figure. However all Hologram SIMs have access to 2G, 3G, 4G, and LTE CAT-M networks where available and the modems in our Hologram hardware are rated for the following speeds: Download/Upload 5.76/7.2 Mbps for the 2G/3G Sara U201 module and Download/Upload 75/75 Kbps for the CAT M-1 Sara R404 module.

Cat M1 Speeds

CAT-M technology is purpose-built radio technology for IoT/M2M connections that require lower power usage and message bandwidth.

Cat-M1 speeds are slower than other connections by design (uplink and downlink speeds of 375 kbits/s in half duplex mode), so its best used for applications with low to medium data rate needs. The real advantage is lower power usage and module cost. On top of that this also depends on tower congestion and a few other factors that play into it.

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