Collaboration requires you to create an organization and invite your team members. This can easily be done in the dashboard by hitting the Create Organization button under the Organizations drop down on the top right-hand side of your screen.

To add a team member click on the Settings page on the left-hand pages panel of your organization's Dashboard. In the Teams panel hit the Invite Collaborators Button. Collaborators will then receive an email inviting them to join your organization.

Collaborator Access Levels

Collaborators may be granted one of three access levels in an organization:

Admin: Full access--same as Manager, plus the ability to change billing settings
: Same as Editor, plus managing device settings that could affect costs (e.g. changing data plans)
: View devices and cloud messages, manage device settings that don't affect costs, manage app integrations

To modify the access level go back to the Settings page and modify the user's access.

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