When troubleshooting, our main objective is to isolate the issue to either the hardware, SIM card, the cellular network, or potentially downstream application traffic such as a web server. The following steps help us to hone in on the source of the issue:

1) Check that the status indicator for the device on the Hologram Dashboard is green (meaning the device is 'Live') or blue (meaning the device is 'Connected'). If the indicator is not green or blue, then your SIM has not been properly activated and/or the APN has not been set up correctly.

2) Power off your device and remove the SIM. 

3) Re-insert the SIM. Make sure the notch on your SIM matches the location of the notch on the printed guide that most devices have. Another tip is to check that the circuit contacts of the SIM slot will touch the gold plating on the SIM. Lastly, confirm that the SIM is making good contact with your device. SIMs should fit snugly inside your device. If you feel like your SIM is too loose try inserting a thin and flat object, such as a piece of paper, between your SIM and the top of the SIM holder (not between the metal contacts).  This can be the result of manufacturing or assembly variance of the SIM holder parts on circuit boards.  

4) Confirm that you are in a location that receives cell service. Enter your city or zip code into opensignal.com to verify local coverage strength. Lastly, check that Hologram supports the required carriers in your area by checking our coverage map

5) Power on your device.

6) Check any data roaming settings on your device and make sure they are enabled (no additional charges will be incurred). This should be documented in your device's manual. Roaming is what allows us to connect to networks of our 550+ carrier partners.

7) Send an SMS message to your device from the Dashboard's messaging tool, if possible, and confirm that you can receive SMS messages sent. SMS is a separate network that does not require our APN. Checking this will help us determine if we are registering to the circuit switched cell towers successfully. 

8) Try receiving and transmitting data. 

9) If you are still having issues and you have access to an unlocked phone, place the SIM into the unlocked phone. If the phone is able to receive SMS and transmit data, there is likely a hardware issue. You can search our forum to see if others have had a similar issue with the hardware you are using.

For additional help, please contact us. You can also check our status page to see if there are any reported outages. 

Advanced troubleshooting

Advanced troubleshooting can be performed if you have access to your devices modems via AT Commands.

If you do, please run the following diagnostic and contact support@hologram.io with your results. The diagnostics provide information about available networks in the device to validate coverage, cell module information to check any specific cell module issues, and SIM information for proper configuration.

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