The monthly active device charge is required by our global carriers to maintain the network and access for your devices. The monthly active device charge is billed on a 30 day cycle from the day the SIM is activated. For High Bandwidth plans, the monthly active device charge includes the plan's data cost as data is pre-paid. Only overages are charged at the specified data rate. 

The data rate is what you pay for data usage on the network.  Data is billed by the kilobyte. This data rate applies to all data usage on a pay-as-you-go basis for the Flexible Data plans and only to overages on High Bandwidth Plans and Data Pools.

The SMS rate is charged for SMS messages sent from the device (referred to as device-originated SMS DO).  Inbound SMS to devices on the network are free of charge.  SMS rates vary by plan, but are usually $0.19/SMS.

The breakdown for charges per SIM can be seen below:

You can view specific plan information on our pricing page.

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