If your account balance is zero or negative and you have a SIM that is due for renewal or you have an overage charge, we will pause the SIM and send you an email alert informing you of what happened. We will still charge your account for monthly plans, which may bring your account into a negative balance.

If you have a positive account balance, but it’s not enough to pay for your monthly plan or a data charge, we will still renew the SIM for you to prevent a service interruption. This will result in a negative balance, so the next SIM that gets charged may get suspended if you don’t add money to your account or enable auto-refill.

As soon as you add enough money to your account to get back into a positive balance, then your SIM will return to the live state automatically. Note that there may be a short delay before the SIM displays as live again. 

If your account balance remains at zero for a whole month, your SIM may be deactivated.

We recommend enabling Automatic Refill to avoid any unnecessary service interruptions. You can read more about this here.

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