1) If you haven’t already, create a Hologram account to manage your devices and billing. 

2) From the Hologram Dashboard, click the Activate SIM button in the top-right corner. If this your first SIM activation, you'll be prompted to select an Edition: Maker, Professional, or Enterprise to move forward. This will determine which plans are available to activate for your devices.

3) Next you will need to Select a Plan. Here you can choose between the standard Flexible Data plan for your edition, high bandwidth plans, or enterprise plans if your organization has custom pricing available from the sales team.

4) Once you have selected your plan, you will need to enter your SIM numbers. Every SIM card has an 18-22 digit unique ID printed on it. Enter your SIM’s ID in the activation form. Note that you can bulk activate SIMs by entering their numbers separated by commas. On this screen you will also be given the option to add custom name prefixes to your SIMs and assign tags.

5) Determine your payment method. This is also where you are given the option to enable Auto-Refill which we highly recommend. Auto-refill will automatically add to your account balance to prevent any unnecessary pausing of device connectivity due to insufficient funds as devices on your organization renew each month and use cellular data.

6) Finally, you will be taken to the Review step where all the information will be summarized. Hit the Activate N SIM(s) button and the activation process will be complete. 

For a more detailed walk-through, please visit the related documentation for activation.

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